Save Our Sewers!

What NOT to Flush 

Do not put grease, kitty litter, egg shells, coffee grounds, feminine hygiene products, rags, hypodermic needles or other unwanted items down the sewer drains.

These items snag or settle in main sewer pipelines and the individual pipelines that service your home or business. Once there, they restrict flow and can cause the sewer to backup into your or your neighbor’s home or business. Flows in in sewer lines typically contain bacteria and fecal matter making cleaning up a backup messy and costly.

Hypodermic needles and razors present a hazard for collection and wastewater employees. These items can penetrate protective gear, exposing staff to bacteria, pathogens or medication. Needles need to be recapped and placed in a “sharps container” or any plastic container. When the container is full, securely seal the container and contact your local pharmacy for proper disposal.

By following the above guidelines, you help keep our sanitary sewer lines clean and operating efficiently. You will also be helping yourself and others avoid sewer backups into homes and businesses.