Industrial Pretreatment Program - General Considerations

Wastewater Discharge Permits
The Federal Government, through the provisions of the General Pretreatment Regulations (40CFR part 403), requires that the local Authority (Warwick Sewer Authority) establish procedures for enforcement of pretreatment standards and requirements.  As part of this program it is necessary to conduct a survey to determine the type, location, size, nature of water use and characteristics of discharges to the Warwick Wastewater Treatment Facility.  In accordance with the Resolution adopted by the City of Warwick's Sewer Authority, dated January 8th, 1984, a Wastewater Discharge Permit Application was developed.

The purpose of the Wastewater Discharge Application Form is to provide information for the Authority to determine whether the commercial facility shall be required to obtain a Wastewater Discharge Permit.  Permits are site-specific and non-transferable.
Businesses are required to obtain an industrial wastewater discharge permit application from the Warwick Sewer Authority's (WSA) Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP).  The application must be completed and submitted to the WSA, along with the application fee within 30 days of receipt of the materials.

Businesses must obtain a wastewater discharge permit through the IPP prior  to Certificate of Occupancy.

Sampling Manhole
All new commercial developments within the City of Warwick must provide the WSA with a 24-hr accessible manhole for sampling and inspections.  The manhole must afford discreet access to the process wastestream of the facility prior to any dilution from other wastestreams located on-site.

Food Preparers and Food Processors
Businesses engaged in food preparation and/or those commercial facilities equipped with a kitchen/cafeteria must have appropriate grease removal equipment on-site. Appropriately sized internal grease traps or external grease interceptors are allowed.  Grease removal devices (GRDs) are not recommended.  Enzyme systems are prohibited from use within the City.

Businesses must maintain current records of the cleaning frequency of the grease removal system. These records must be stored in a conspicuous location and be made readily available at the time of an inspection. Additionally, should the WSA deem necessary, the facility may be required to self-monitor their wastestream for conventional pollutant levels. 

Lint Traps
All laundry facilities must be equipped with an appropriately sized lint trap(s).

Swimming Facilities
The industry must obtain approval for connection of a swimming pool to the sewer collection system.

Car Washes
Car Washes must be equipped with an oil/water separator or equivalent mechanism of removing dirt/grit and oil.