Introduction to the Permitting Process

Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit Application


The Federal Government, through the provisions of the General Pretreatment Regulations (40 CFR Part 403), requires that the local Sewer Authority establish procedures for the enforcement of pretreatment standards and requirements.  As part of this program it is necessary to conduct a survey to determine the type, location, size, nature of water use and characteristics of discharges to the Warwick Sewer Authority.  In accordance with the Resolution adopted by the City of Warwick’s Sewer Authority, dated January 8th, 1984, a Wastewater Discharge Permit Application is hereby enclosed.

This application must be filled out as completely and accurately as possible.  Not all of the requested information will be applicable to your facility.  In such cases “NA” may be used in those question blanks.  Water usage and discharge information requested is very important and should be actual metered figures if at all possible.  Where this information is not available, estimated values may be substituted. 

The application form and associated attachments must be completed and returned to the Warwick Sewer Authority, along with an application fee, within thirty (30) days of the request for completion.  Failure to complete the application forms and pay the required application fee within the thirty (30) days as specified will be deemed a violation of the Warwick Sewer Authority’s Rules and Regulations.  Violations of this nature are subject to a fine of $50.00 per day for each day the forms and fee remain overdue.

Additionally these forms must be filed with the Warwick Sewer Authority ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of an existing permit.  Re-submittal of these forms will assist the Warwick Sewer Authority in determining when modifications or changes to an existing permit are required.  Please note that the application fee is waived at time of re-submittal.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding the enclosed forms please do not hesitate to contact me at my direct extension: Office of Industrial Pretreatment (401) 468-4726.

BettyAnne Rossi
Pretreatment Coordinator
Warwick Sewer Authority